Bundee Aki: Ireland centre has Rugby World Cup ban upheld

Ireland center Bundee Aki has been banned from the rest of the Rugby World Cup following the red card he received against Samoa at the swimming pool platform was upheld.
Aki will miss Irelands quarter-final against tournament favourites New Zealand on Saturday, and also the three-week ban means he would miss out on any games needs to Joe Schmidts side advance.
The Samoan-born rear was sent off for a dangerous tackle on UJ Seuteni on Saturday during Irelands 47-5 victory on the Pacific Islanders.
A statement from tournament organisers explained that a separate judicial committeedid not find the referees decision was incorrect and the red card had been preserved.
Though the attack occurred immediately, the participants tackle height was large and it had been approved he did not make a definite attempt to change his elevation so as to get around the ball carriers mind, the announcement said.
The committee did not accept there was adequate proof of a surprising fall in the ball carriers elevation.
Samoa head coach Steve Jackson made an impassioned defence of Akis prospective involvement in the tournament after the game, and said his group woulddo whatever we can to ensure he gets on the area next week.
Aki could have been pushing hard for a starting job against the All Blacks, but his lack will pave the way for Robbie Henshaw.
Therefore gets the right to launch a further challenge, Even the 29-year-old has 48 hours to appeal the decision. But precious few attempts yield a change of the ruling.
The William Fry partner was not able to convince the board to overturn the red card choice, although expert lawyer Derek Hegarty into Japan flew outside to get Aki hearing.

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