NASCAR 2018 Cup Championship Betting Preview: Odds, Picks and More

On Sunday, November 18th, NASCAR will Soon Be live from the Homestead-Miami Speedway for the Ford EcoBoost 400.

This race will decide who gets crowned the 2018 Monster Energy Cup Series Champion. Currently, there are four drivers eligible to win the championship. Since 2002, NASCAR has held their final stage of the season at this track and it’s been an yearly backdrop for fireworks and racing.

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The Homestead-Miami Speedway is a 1.5 mile track shaped like an oval. This weekend’s Ford EcoBoost 400 race breaks down as follows:

400 miles
Phase 1 80 laps
Stage 2: Second 80 laps
Final Period: Remaining 107 laps
267 total laps
The race will start at air and 3 PM ET .

Heading into Homestead-Miami
Coming into this race, NASCAR’s Big 3 qualified together with Joey Logano for the best to be crowned the 2018 champion. However, this race has more than only a championship happening. The following storylines are really worth watching out for:

End for Knaus and JJ
Sunday’s race marks the ending of an age as Jimmie Johnson and crew chief Chad Knaus will part ways after 17 years. During that span, this duo won 7 championships and more than 80 races. They have won at every significant monitor and left their mark on the game that will never be matched . With that said, Knaus will proceed over to be the crew leader for William Byron and Johnson will partner with Kevin Meendering in 2019. Can Jimmie Johnson earn his first win of 2018 and split his winless streak?

Truex Going later Logano
If Martin Truex Jr. and Joey Logano aren’t in contention for the tournament late in the race on Sunday, Look out for retaliation by Truex. At Martinsville, a few weeks before, Logano bumped Truex from the way to win the race, while Martin finished 3rd. It was a movement that drew the ire of the #78 team. Truex has said that he will get retaliation if the chance presents itself.

Paying Tribute to “The Silver Fox”
Before this week, former 3-time winner David”The Silver Fox” Pearson passed away at age 82. Pearson was a pioneer of the game and the most important rival to Richard Petty throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s. It’s believed that this competition is exactly what helped to bring NASCAR into the mainstream. A number of the present drivers have been paying their respects in memory of Pearson. On Sunday, NASCAR may pay some sort of tribute.

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